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Motivations and Objectives

EMC3B’2016 will provide a forum where researchers, academicians, and industrial personnel can exchange ideas and discuss methodologies to tackle some of the complex problems currently facing regenerative medicine. This conference brings together researchers, practitioners and new comers to the field in an international forum that addresses recent advances in bioengineering and related scientific, healthcare, and their application approaches.These approaches are contributing to the development of analytical, diagnostic, and therapeutic strategies that are directly relevant to current pressing needs. The meeting will also stimulate efforts to integrate these approaches and ideas in the Bioengineering areas that include multidisciplinary researchers. It will also serve as vehicle that strengthens relationships between industry, research laboratories, and universities.

Conference Topics

The program committee cordially invites research ideas in (but not limited to) the following suggested range of subjects:






Implant retrieval

Wear of implants

Bio- Fluid & Heat Transfer

Clinical Investigations

Biomedical instrumentation


Artificial organs and biocompatibility

Computational methods

Surface engineering and quality control



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